ommunicating with the dead is nearly as old as death itself. Early shamans were the first mediums, and evidence of their afterlife

communications date back to ancient times in China, Egypt, Greece, and the British Isles. These shamans, just like mediums today, employed internal senses that gave them the ability to perceive the presence of the dead and receive their messages to the living.

While I was doing research for my upcoming book, Soul Sensing:  How to Communicate With Your Dead Loved Ones, I was interested in learning what sorts of tools these primitive shamans may have used to aid in their afterlife-communications efforts and how workable they might be for us today. The Greeks used scrying bowls (basins full of water in which images from the dead could be spotted and interpreted.) But this method seems best used by those already possessing “clairvoyance.” In medium parlance this means the ability to see the dead and the images they convey.  

A more user-friendly tool would have been tarot cards, but those weren’t created until the 1400s. So, a more likely choice for shamans would have been runes. These are an ancient set of letters from an alphabet which was used in Northern Europe in the first century A.D. Nowadays, the twenty-four symbols in a set of runes are printed on small glass, plastic, or stone disks, which you can purchase in a cloth bag through many New Age bookstores and venues. If you are of European descent, you may feel an immediate affinity for the runes, should you choose to use them. This could be more genetic than you realize, since these symbols were used by a wide range of people, from Scandinavia to Germany and England to Iceland. Contrary to popular belief, however, runes were not used for telling the future. The Germanic tribes who created them did not believe that the future was set in stone and unchangeable. Rather, they had their rune masters cast or toss these symbols like sets of dice—in an effort to heal the sick or injured or to ward off evil spirits.

Thus, runes were not so much used by our ancestors as communication devices, as they were magical symbols. Runes are, even today, thought to be quite potent. Some present-day shamans would advise you to take great care with them, storing them in a safe place where others cannot tamper with or damage them. It is also not advisable to write down the symbols they bear, when taking notes during a runes session. Rather, you should write the name associated with that symbol.










Runes are said to be particularly effective for determining where you are along your current life course and where you are likely to end up, if you stay on that path. So, you may want to start by gently shaking the runes around in their bag. Then take three of them from their pouch and set them out before you on a flat surface. (A rune kit usually includes a silky cloth onto which the disks should be placed.) Reading them from right to left, the first represents your past, the second your present, and the third is your likely future—again, provided you stay on the life route you’re on currently.

One afterlife-communication exercise you may want to try with runes is gathering insight into your deceased’s current life in Heaven. Repeat the same three-disk draw explained above, but, this time, be aware that the first stone will tell you how your loved one’s life was on Earth (a great piece of spirit-identifying information). The second symbol will tell you how that relative or friend is doing in Heaven at present, and a third will indicate whether he or she is going to reincarnate to the Earth or remain in the afterlife.

To sum up, runes can help you determine how your deceased loved one is doing in Heaven. They can also enable you to receive information about reincarnation, both yours and your dead relative’s or friend’s. No communication tool will work really effectively, however, until you begin developing your seven soul senses. These are the perceptive abilities that have lain dormant in humans for thousands of years, but can be cultivated to help us pierce the veil between this world and the next. We aren’t technically advanced enough yet to overcome physical death, but afterlife communications can certainly help in easing the grief we suffer when a loved one or pet dies.




Janice Carlson has been a medium and psychic for 20 years. She is the author of SOUL SENSING: How to Communicate With Your Dead Loved Ones, which will be published in September 2013. Get your copy at www.JaniceCarlson.com


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